You’ve Graduated. Now What?

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve been there. If you’re anything like me, (which you probably are) you’ve just spent the last four years or so studying in a university. That’s right, your days of worrying about World Civilization finals are pretty much over.

Remember that time you saw the sun rise from the library, after an all night coffee-bender and cramming every finance formula known to man into your brain? Of course you do. Or that party you attended the night before, when you should have been studying. And as you walked into the classroom – with the caffeine suddenly losing its magic – you realized you were totally, and utterly, screwed. You don’t have to worry about it anymore!

That’s the good news. The bad news? You’ve traded tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper. You might not even have a job yet. But you want to travel the world, perhaps save up for a house. To celebrate. And, you just don’t have the means to do so yet.

Quite frankly, that’s pretty terrifying.

Okay, now for the good news: you will be okay. Eventually, you’ll find a job you enjoy, that pays pretty decently. But here’s the thing – it’s on you. It’s on you to network with the right people, to apply for jobs, and interview relentlessly. Eventually, you’ll be looking back on your part time job thinking, “wow, how did I manage to pay rent with those paychecks?” But until that day comes, be on your toes. Good things are coming your way, if you create the right circumstances.

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